Volume 3, Special Issue 4, 2016

1- Archetypal (socio‐cultural) coding of governmental organization

Mamychev et al.

2- Archetypal bases of governmental administration: Sociocultural paradigm of research aspects

Mamychev et al.

3- Classification of crimes in the sphere of administration of justice

Lyudmila A. Spector

4- Development of information space of region: factors of digital divide

Klochkova et al.

5- Free economic zones in the Far East of Russia: benefits and risks for investors

Svetlana F. Litvinova, Victor E. Varavenko

6- Legal policy of selfregulation mechanisms of social, political and economic processes formation in Russia

Arthur G. Kravchenko

7- On the issue of a correlation of Russian and international financial law

Yuriy N. Beloshapko

8- Organizational and corporate culture: diagnostics methods

Yakimova et al.

9- Postdemocratic development of modern political system: global an sociocultural trends

Baranov et al.

10- Rulemaking of the president of the Russian federation in the sphere of executive power

Olga N. Kichalyuk, Oksana A. Morozova

11- Sociocultural directions of Russian foreign policy development: Geopolitical and regional aspects

Lyubashits et al.

12- Some methodological sophistication in the difference between the words terror and war

Lidiya I. Kirsanova, Olga A. Korotina

13- The analysis of the financial and economic examination of draft government programs

Andreev et al.

14- The policy of Russia in relation to China citizens in the aspect of Far East stability and economic development maintenance: historical and legal aspects (1858 1917)

Nadezda A. Litvinova, Svetlana F. Litvinova

15- The publicity of court procedure: the prerevolutionary normative model and its corrective amendments

Alla V. Vereshchagina

16- The question of the Russian society’s readiness for mediation procedure

Svetlana F. Litvinova

17- Theoretical foundation of human rights: J. Maritain philosophy of natural law

Sergey S. Shestopal, Sergey N. Oleynikov

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