Volume 2, Special Issue 5, 2015 (August)

1- Of one method for solving the problem of oscillation of linear viscoelasticity

    Nabi Tapdyg Ogly Kurbanov,Vusala Nazim kyzy Usifli

2- Kazakhstan in the global geopolitical processes 

    Abdigappar Jaksybekov 

3- Stock market–supplier of investment resources in the real economic sector of Kazakhstan

    Saparova et al

4- Investment operations ofKazakhstan population and transnational corporations in the stock market

    Saparova et al

5- Mystery shoppers in automobile manufacturing

    Kozlovskiy et al

6- Labor factor efficiency in the agricultural industry

    Temirova  et al

7- The mathematical description of liquid-phase extraction of the industrial waste waters in cascaded mixing machines 

    Alekper Agasaf Gasanov

8- Current state and credit support assessment ofKazakhstan light industry enterprises under the conditions of theEurasian economic union 

    Kalkabaeva Gaukhar Muratovna

9- Investment Attractiveness of the “Kazakhmys” Corporation in the Stock Market 

    Saparova et al

10- Architectural and design approaches to the development and implementation of information systems in the context of adaptive enterprise 

    Tsekhovoy et al

11- Grammatical and stylistic analysis of primary grades textbooks and children’s literature quantitative grammatical research results

    Kulahmet et al

12- Methods for estimation of the ecological-melioration sustainabilityof agro landscapes

    Dmitrievich et al

13- On the parallelism of the humanistic psychology of Abay Qunanbayuli and American psychologists

    Kenzhegaliev et al

14- Peculiarities of the constitutional-legal regulation of local self-government in Azerbaijan

    Ismayilov Khayyam Jabrail

15- Structure-functional model of formation process of master’s degree students’ willingness for research activity

    Akhmetov et al

16- The semantic peculiarities of phraseological units, “human character” as a means of estimation

    Sarsembayeva et al

17- Influence of social interaction on behavior of small investors in capital market

     Rajdeep Kumar Raut, Niladri Das

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