Volume 3, Special Issue 5, 2016

1- Assessment of on the job training of Bachelor of Science in business administration program of Surigao Del Sur State university‐Cantilan campus

Michelle P. Yu, Jillard O. Mercado

2- Household waste management practices among selected barangays of municipality of Cantilan, Surigao Del Sur

Rozette Estal Mercado

3- Modified bayesian regression modeling involving qualitative predictor variables: A tumor size study

Ahmad et al

4- Research of the properties of materials based on the oil wastes

Bisenov Kylyshbay, Abilbek Zhangyl

5- Tuba (Croton tiglium) as botanical rodents’ control

Luisito M. Torres

6- Variation in specific surface area of selected Oligocene‐Miocene shale’s from Sarawak‐ Malaysia

Fosu-Duah et al

7- Assessing the mediating role of lean manufacturing practices in the relationship between TQM practices and operational performance

Hana Arrfou et al

8- Production and management practices of backyard swine raisers in the three selected municipalities of Surigao del Sur

Armenia et al.

9- Ultra wide‐band imaging through human breast for domestic and reliable health screening system

Vijayasarveswari et al.

10- Examining the socio‐demographic characteristics of osteoarthritis patients

Yazici et al.

11- Perspective of Abdullah Munshi as the father of modern Malay literature

Hamdan et al.

12- The Rise of Politic Ethnonationalism in the State of Sarawak Borneo

Pawi et al.

13- A qualitative statistical analysis of the performance of open and distance learning: a case study in Turkey

Kilinc et al.

14- Application of Taguchi method for predicting Springback in V-bending of aluminum alloy AA5052 strip

Ling et al.

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