Volume 3, Special Issue 3, 2016

1- An investigation of base flow control by wall pressure analysis in a suddenly expansion nozzle

Khan et al.

2- Modeling using modified bayesian regression (Method: A tumour size study)

Ahmad et al.

3- Multiinput DCAC inverter for low voltage hybrid PV/wind/hydrogen fuel cell power system

Yahaya et al.

4- The factorial structure of the design innovation construct: insights from the furniture manufacturing firms in Malaysia

Tamyez et al.

5- Design framework of a smart Kanban system for Malaysian automotive mixed model assembly line

Yasin et al.

6- Effect of fuel oil gasoline fusel blends on the performance and emission characteristics of spark ignition engine: A review

Awad et al.

7- The relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and high performance organization from the perspective of the students in the higher education institution in Malaysia

Romle et al.

8- The relationship between motivation and commitment on job performance among employees from students’ perspective: the case in public university

Romle et al.

9- An algorithm for weighted and bootstrap logistic regression modelling in benthic

Rosdi et al

10Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using leaf extract of bidens pilosa linn.: Partial characterization and evaluation of its antimicrobial activity

Merell Billacura, Ruffaidah Umpa

11Stack temperature parameter analysis of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) using spectrogram

Razali et al

12The factorial structure of the design innovation construct: insights from the furniture manufacturing firms in Malaysia

Tamyez et al

13Energetical analysis of different configurations for BioSNG production from biomass gasification with integration of power and district heating

Shahbaz et al

14Determination of kinetic parameters for the reactions involved in biodiesel production via optimization approach

Ali et al

15Determinants of purchasing luxury handbags among the generation Y

Kasuma et al

16Internal audit function, high regulated firms and audit fees in Malaysia: moderating role of regulatory oversight

Norziaton et al

17Kinetic model for tar cracking in biomass steam gasification for hydrogen production

Ammar et al

18Institutional forces and the adoption of green practices among small and medium sized hotel in Southern, Thailand

Satchapappichit et al

19Relationship and impact of eWOM and brand image towards purchase intention of smartphone?

Shahrinaz et al

20A conceptual framework on prioritization factors towards biotechnology inventions commercialization: Malaysia biotechnology industry

Nordin et al

21Effect of vacuum frying fresh and prechilled tamban (Sardinella spp.) on the quality evaluation of palm oil

Cabillon et al

22Earnings response coefficients of Malaysia property stocks controlling for liquidity, profitability and debt/equity

Fah et al

23Epidemiological root cause analysis of noise and physiopsycho impacts related to motorcycle road accidents

Ali et al

24A Review of risk management and different resources in scheduling problems for mega projects

  1. K. A Ariffin, Bader, A. Sobhi

25A conceptual framework of risk management in decision making method for scheduling and line balance monitoring of manufacturing system

  1. K. A Ariffin, Khaled, A. Sobhi

26Antioxidant and antibacterial effects of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) essential oil in frozen raw pork sausage

Buenaventura et al

27- Morphological description of Actaeodes sp. in the intertidal shore of Initao, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Michelle M. Barbon, Cesar G. Demayo

28Effects of cooking methods on the nitrite level of different commercially available hotdogs

Alerta et al

29Measuring the relationships between educations with income increments among Sahabat in Mukah Sarawak

Wahi et al

30Performance of Malaysian bond funds: A DEA approach

Shari et al

31Velocity distribution description in a sand bed branching channel with different angles and bed widths

Alomari et al

32Assessment of municipal solid waste generation, composition and recyclable potential at selected Kelantan dumping sites, Malaysia

Kamaruddin et al

33Developing portable variable power supply with wireless port

Lung et al

34Isolation, identification and characterization of potential bacteria from Malaysian wastewater showing resistance to cadmium, copper and iron

Tendulkar et al

35Cotton Dyeing wastewater characteristics and its treatment efficiency by using coconut shell carbon and limestone powder

Kamaruddin et al

36Characterization of chitosan as chromium adsorbent

Bianca B. Dagatan, Joel H. Jorolanl

37An Inventory of Pteridophytes in and around goldmined areas in Tumpagon, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Ascaño et al

38Shrubs assemblage within and outside the hydraulic mining area in Tumpagon, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Ascaño et al

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