Volume 3, Special Issue 2, 2016

1- Customer relationship management with big data enabled in banking sector

Muhammad Anshari, Syamimi Ariff Lim

2- Effects of Ficus deltoidea Ethanolic leaves extract on female reproductive organs among Letrozoleinduced polycystic ovarian syndrome rats

Suhaimi et al.

3- Analysis of physical fitness test on junior football players

Mat Berahim, Mohar Kassim

4- A modification of polystyrene supported palladium (II) complex as effective catalyst for MizorokiHeck reaction

Soh et al.

5- Marketing practices of micro food vendors in the five municipalities of the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippine

Jillard O. Mercado, Rozette E. Mercado

6- Design framework of a smart Kanban system for Malaysian automotive mixed model assembly line

Yasin et al.

7- A survey on required time allocated vs. actual time spent by academic in pursuit of key performance indicators (KPIs) at department of quantity surveying, KAED, IIUM

Fauzi et al.

8- Statistical aspect on the measuring of intermetallic compound thickness of lead free solders

Jalar et al.

9- Hybrid power systems a comparative analysis

Charanjiv Gupta, Sanjeev Singh

10- Can imagery technique enhance the goalkeeper performance?

Izham Mat Isa, Mohar Kassim

11- Identification of Islamic leadership principles and their applicability in construction project management

Sarkawi et al.

12- Takaful: A review on performance, issues and challenges in Malaysia

Fauzi et al.

13- Demand of the industrialized building system (IBS) implementation in Malaysian government projects

Mohamad et al.

14- Avifauna assessment in and around the hydraulic mining area of Brgy, Tumpagon, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Ascaño et al.

15- Assessing the prospect of using Tahkim as a Shariahcompliant ADR for resolving construction disputes

Arifin et al.

16- Cost comparison on industrialized building system (IBS) and conventional method for school construction project

Ramli et al.

17- A Review on the application of bills of quantities (BQ) in construction project procurement

Rashid et al.

18- 24 and 12 hours Exceedances prediction of particulate matter 10 Using extreme value distribution: A case study in Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Zawawi et al.

19- A review on the Malaysian public private partnership (PPP)

Rashid et al.

20- Patterns of variations in earthworm density in multivariate landscape of Camiguin Island, Philippines

Dennis A. Apuan, Mary Jean B. Apuan

21- ASEAN economic community: awareness and acceptance of selected member countries

Hasan et al.

22- Application of ecological attributes in the contemporary landscape assessment research

Othman et al.

23- A survey on the space and living condition of zakat house for Asnafs Fakr and Miskin

Aripin et al.

24- ASEAN economic community: the potential impacts of labour mobility on the economy and construction industry

Hasan et al.

25- Training aligned with business strategies: aiming at the ‘Strategic fit’

Ilyas et al.

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