Volume 3, Special Issue 1, 2016

1- A novel image compression method using PCA algorithm for a telemedicine network

Lim et al.

2- Teaching and learning computer science courses in a small size class

Shaidah Jusoh

3- Profitability and accountability of South Asian microfinance institutions (MFIs)

Ahmed et al.

4- Uncertainty analysis of downscaled daily precipitation using climate scenarios of different story line

Shyama Debbarma, Parthasarathi Choudhury

5- Microbial mats‐induced Microfabric features in Shales from the Chittenango member, Marcellus Subgroup and United States

Shama Balulla, E. Padmanabhan

6- Social media technology as a teaching and learning tool

Hejab M. Al Fawareh

7- Effect of bagging configurations on vacuum bagging onlyoven cured to the thickness variations for the complex shaped laminate composite

Hassan et al.

8- Development of CockcroftWalton voltage multiplier for RF energy harvesting applications

Ali et al.

9- Live ability factors for long term habitable offshore mega floats

Mohdzamani et al.

10- Behaviour of galatolipids components in crude lipid extracts in invitro digestion emulsion model

Zainol et al.

11- Dialect power to communication for development

Rattana Chanthao

12- Development of novel surface modified poly (vinylidene fluoridecohexafluoropropylene) (PVDFHFP) membrane contactor for CO2 absorption

Mohamoud et al.

13- The Luck factor in entrepreneurship success

George T.K. Thien

14- Metal cation exchanged montmorillonite K10 (MMT K10): Surface properties and catalytic activity

Harun et al.

15- Comparison of tools for visualization of big data in SMEs

Uchida et al.

16- Characteristics of onion slices dried using microwave and infrared radiation

Hany S. EL-Mesery, Hanping Mao

17- Influence of residual stress relaxation induced by shot peening on the fatigue life of aluminium alloys: A review

Ali et al.


19- Preparation of defectfree Polysulfone membrane: optimization of fabrication method

Maisarah Mohamad, Yeong Yin Fong

20- The accountability of microfinance institutions (MFIS) on the reach out of the poor in the south East Asian region

Bhuiyan et al.

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