Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016

1- Antimicrobial activity of cinnamon oil against bacteria that cause skin infections

Shabani et al.

2- Tourist perception towards homestay businesses: Sabah experience

Kasuma et al.

3- Determinants of factors and the growth of tourism industry in Langkawi Island

Yusup et al.

4- Bend curve characteristics of phenol formaldehyde resin treated oil palm wood (Elaeisguineensis Jacq.)

Alik et al.

5- Strength group of Engkabang jantong as fast-growing indigenous species timber in Sarawak

Ismaili et al.

6- Preliminary Cr (VI) removal investigation with on-campus grown Mast Tree leaf powder as cheap biosorbent for treating used laboratory reagents

Palsan Sannasi, Pieter Santoso

7- Quantification of brick waste generated in housing construction sites via site sampling: development of a linear regression mode

Hassan et al.

8- Novelty and facilitate way for fabrication of microstructure Polyaniline (PANIEB) thin films

Daghman et al.

9- Knowledge of inhalant abuse among selected nonresidential secondary school students in Kepala Batas, Penang

Ismail et al.

10- RCS classification on ground moving target using lte passive bistatic radar

N.H. Abdul Aziz, R.S.A. Raja Abdullah

11- Prevalence of red cell alloantibodies among multi transfused dependent thalassemia patient in the Malaysian state of Penang

Ismail et al.

12- An automated exutero cord blood collection device using an intelligent framework

Tang et al.

13- The alteration of parathyroid hormone level in Plateletpheresis donors

Roslan et al.

14- Prediction model of rollover threshold of a high deck bus in quasi static constant radius cornerin

Manap et al.

15- RFID lab management system using Arduino microcontroller approach associate with webpage

Ya’acob et al.

16- Analyzing of power control technique in LTEadvanced Femtocell network

Yusof et al.

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