Volume 2, Special Issue 9 (IPN Malaysia, Nov. 2015)

1- Real time touch less home control system with vision-based FPGA hand gesture recognition interface  

 Ooi et al.

2- Relationship between the petrophysical properties and microfacies variations of carbonate rocks  

 Spariharijaona Andriamihaja, E. Padmanabhan

3- On-screen equipment movement and monitoring system (OEMS) for oil and gas company: A case study  

 Yusoff et al.

4- Usability of MobileSchool system for secondary school: quantitative observation approach  

 Ahmad Sobri Hashim, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad

5- A study on effectiveness of Mobileschool system for secondary schools in Malaysia  

 Ahmad Sobri Hashim, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad


7- SME software risk assessment: a conceptual framework  

 Basri et al.

8- Empirical validation of object-oriented software metrics as changeability indicators   

 Bajeh et al.

9- Effect of mangrove bark condensed tannins (Rhizophora apiculata) as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in simulated splash zone   

 Wan Nik et al.

10- The comparison of thermal resistance between clay brick wall and sand brick wall for Malaysian climate   

 Vikneswaran et al.

11- Comparative studies of lattice Boltzmann and finite volume methods on 3d benchmark problem   

 Abas et al.

12- Fuel economy comparison of Perodua Myvi passenger vehicle on Malaysian city and highway drive cycles   

 Muhammad Iftishah Ramdan, Chee Piew Lim

13- Numerical study on the effect of the nozzle diameter on the swirl anti-icing temperature uniformity for a nacelle lip-skin  

M.A. Ismail, M.K. Abdullah

14- Synthetic jet as an electronic cooling application  

Ho et al.

15- CuS P-type thin film characteristics for different copper to Sulphur molar ratios for light emitting diode application  

Sabah et al

16- A review of challenges of logistics management and, barriers of e-business: how Malaysia’s efficiency logistics service providers can develop services for e-business? 

Mohd Shah et al.

17- Brain dynamics of athletes in sports science

Norsiah Fauzan, Muhammad Sophian Nazaruddin

18- Model of security factors for electronic commerce

Fatima Ajmal, Norizan Mohd Yasin

19- Measurement of radon concentration, and uranium concentration in drinking water in Kirkuk governorate

Farhad Salih et al.

20- Consequence model of contamination of ammonia in sewage wastewater

R. F. Alicia, S. Syafiie

21- Brainwaves patterns based on musical preference and sleeping patterns

Isable Joshua, Norsiah Fauzan

22- Dependence of ZnO thickness on the electrical and optical properties of ZnO–Cu– nO multilayers for optoelectronic application

Rasheed et al.

23- Evaluating the usability of academic information system websites

Aisha et al.

24- An effective coaching through “coaching model”

Mohar Kassim, Nik Rasheed Che Ali

25- A review of logistic management, knowledge management and e-business- how is Malaysia’s e-business development and logistics management practices now?

Mohd Shah et al.

26- Inculcation of values in co-curricular activities from virtues module

Mohar Kassim, Shahrulfadly Rustam

27- Determinants of tourism routes for tourism development: the mediating role of touristsatisfaction in Malaysia islands

S.M. Hashemi, J. Jusoh

28- Study on the impact of technological innovation capabilities on competitive advantage and firm performance in the automotive industry in Malaysia: a conceptual framework

Faridah binti Taju Rahim, Professor Dr. Dato’ Yuserrie bin Zainuddin

29- The role of anterior cingulate cortex and amygdala on criminal behavior

Lau Siew Tee, Norsiah Fauzann

30- Optimization of traveling salesman problem with precedence constraint using particle swarm optimization

Ab Rashid et al.

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