Volume 2, Special Issue 8 (IPN Malaysia)

1- The hydrological performance investigation of light weight green roofs made from natural fibres and recycle waste materials for storm water runoff mitigation: A review

    Asman et al.

2- Genetic algorithms for solving portfolio allocation models based on relative-entropy, mean and variance

    Aslan et al.

3- Perception towards planning of waqf, wasiyyah and faraid in Islamic wealth distribution: Malaysian perspective

    Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz, NurulIzzatiNordin

4-Optimization of 5.5 GHz inductive source degeneration LNA using multi objective PSO

    Kumar et al.

5-The evaluation of robust and efficient estimators for log-logistic distribution for censored data with/without outliers)

    Arik et al.

6-Design and noise optimization of inductive source degeneration LNA using PSO


    Anandini et al.

7-Component sizing in PHERB powertrain using PK driving cycle

    Norbakyah et al.

8-Performance of mobile base station in extending network lifetime for wireless sensor networks using genetic algorithms

    IdrusSalimi Ismail, NurulAdilah Abdul Latiff

9-Effects of organic matter addition to landfill soil cover to enhance methane oxidation

    MohdSuzairiffZainal, FaeizaBuyong

10-Factors influencing customer loyalty in Malaysian petrol stations: moderating effect location

    Dutsenwai et al.

11-Federal government debt and private consumption: the Malaysian experience

     Asmaddy Bin Haris, AbubakerKhalifa Mohammad

12-Joint development agreement scheme for management of world’s largest shared oil & gas reservoir

     Ahmad Kashfi, Wan SitiAdibah

13-A multiple regression analysis approach for mathematical model development in dynamic manufacturing system: a case study

   Ho et al.

14-Time study of lean manufacturing practices in production floor

   T.C. Ng, C. J. Leong

15-The analysis of lean manufacturing tools in Malaysia’s manufacturing industry

   Ching et al.

16-Comparison of different estimation methods for the Marshall–Olkin extended Weibull distribution

Ilhan USTA, Eda Celik

17-Reliability estimation in Pareto-I distribution based on progressively type II censored sample with binomial removals

Ilhan USTA, Hanefi Gezer

18-Test and measurement of cardiovascular fitness for female cadet officers

Mohar Kassim, Rahmat Sholihin Mokhtar

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