Volume 2, Special Issue 6 (IPN Malaysia)

1- Estimation of vehicle sales growth in Asia

    Dr (Mrs) Muneer Sultana, Samsudin Safi, Mohd Hizam Hashim

2- Portfolio optimization for index tracking problem with mixed integer programming

    Lam Weng Siew, Lam Weng Hoe

3- Development of low cost mass suppliable water purifier for flood disaster

    Shukran et al

4- TQM and malaysian SMEs performance: the mediating roles of innovation process

  1. N. Yunoh, K.A. M. Ali

5- Statistical process control of debutanizer column

    Nasser Mohamed Ramli, Jackie Koh

6- Accident / crash notify with geographic coordinator using android application

    Shukran et al

7- Exploring the perceptions of undergraduate students ecopreneurial intention

    David Yoon Kin Tong, Janet Hui Min Chee

8- A computational method for selecting service quality factors considering the
representative models

    Godazgar et al

9- Distribution of infected oil palms with Ganoderma basal stems root disease

    Kamu et al

10- Organizational cultural barriers and roles of organizational learning in crisis management: an integrated model

    Maisoon Abo-Murad, Rossilah Jamil

11- The contingent impact of inter-organization communication on the relationships between market and entrepreneurial orientations and manufacturing SME performance in malaysia

    Abdulkarim Kanaan-Jebna, Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin

12- What is the “True” value of an initial public offering?

    Othman Yong

13- Bandwidth selection method for bias-reduced log-period gram estimator in decaying spectral density

    G.L.C. Yap, K.W. Liew

14- The influence of intrapreneurship on talent retention among professional workers: A mediating effect of self-efficacy

    Osman et al

15- Logistics resources as a source of competitive advantage for logistics service providers

    Abdul Aziz et al

16- Model generation using structural equation modeling

   Siddiqui et al

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