Volume 2, Special Issue 3, 2015 (20 April)

1- The impact of the percentage of institutional stockholders and the changes in net operating cash flows on the research and development expenditures: Tehran Stock Exchange

     Yadollah Tariverdi, Behnoush Baniasad

2- Examine the role of Protection unit in reducing corruption in the bureaucracy Iran

     Aboulfazl Kamalan, Dr. Ahmad Ranjbar

3- Study of “Picture Variety” in Khosrow and Shirin Portfolio by Mirza Ali in Tabriz School

     Dr. Fatemeh Honari Mehr

4- Stories of the prophets and attitudes towards them in shawqiat divan

     Hadi Shabani Chafjiri, Seyyed Esmaeil Hosseini Ajdad Niaki

5- The role of social trust on the reaction of investors regarding stock earnings announcement and the effect of disclosure quality on its relationship

     Azita Jahanshad, Jalil Eyvani

6- Impact Job involvement on turnover via organizational commitment and job satisfaction (case study: Guilan medical staff)

     Reza Khadem Agheli, Mohammadreza Zamzam Sotoudeh, Mousa Rezvani Chaman Zamin

7- Scrutiny of the Acidithiobacillus Thiooxidan in leaching metals from the effete catalysts

     Roya Mafi Gholami, Sirous Nazari Perchestan, Seyed Mehdi Borghei

8- Effect of music therapy on germinal period and auditory memory in babies

     Seyedeh Narjes Zamani, Mohammadi Korush

9- Investigating the impact of board structure on disclosure level of corporate social responsibility of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Reza Fallah, Moein Hashemi

10- The effect of poor earning quality on information asymmetry (Tehran Stock Exchange)

     Yadollah Tariverdi, Rezvaneh Haji

11- Exploration of the efficiency of entrance into foreign markets of car industry (IKCO)

     Mohammad Mirzadeh Markieh, Mohammadreza Zamzam Sotoudeh, Mousa Rezvani Chaman Zamin

12- Shahrood River water quality assessment and the possibility of using it for drinking and agriculture

     Mahdieh Rasouli, Hamidreza Rasoulisani-Abadi

13- Origin of wind deposits Sistan plain using GIS

     Mahdi Jadidoleslami

14- Engineering geomorphology investigation of the Shandak River (East of Iran)

     Maryam Hejazian, Jafar Rahnamarad

15- Examining the relationship between corporate social responsibility and stock price crash risk of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Dariush Heidari, Reza Fallah

16- The relationship between the capital structure and the performance of the firms listed in the Tehran stock exchange

     Sirvan Mahmudi, Hojjat Mohammadi

17- The impact of credit ranking on the corporate cost of equity

     Zahra Poorzamani, Hamideh Hatefi Ardakani

18- The study of impact the management ability on the performance of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Reza Fallah, Saber Rahimi

19- The Impact of financial constraints resulted from liquid assets on asymmetric cash flow sensitivity

     Zahra Poorzamani, Sudabeh Salari

20- The study of the role of information technology in organizational transformation of Guilan general office of education

     Parviz Sharbati Charvadeh, Masoud Emaminejad

21- Instability Investigate of Sarney dam abutments, under seismic loading

     Majid Barkhordari, Jafar Rahnamarad

22- A new approach with hybrid of artificial neural network and k-nearest neighbor algorithms in cost estimation of CMS based web sites designing

     Laya Ebrahimi Jahatloo, Ahmad Jafarian

23- An examination of the effect of ISO certificates on sales and marketing

     Vahidreza Mirabi, Mohammad Reza Dalvand

24- Investigating the effect of triple perceptual-behavioral traps on marketing decisions (case study: Green Pipe manufacturing factories in Isfahan)

     Vahidreza Mirabi, Zahra Aghel Fadihe

25- Studying the relationship between personality’s dimensions and family relation patterns in married college students

     Seyyed Mohamad Sadegh Mousavi, Zahra Ghaderi

26- Providing a method in order to improve the performance of routing in ad hoc networks using family particle swarm optimization algorithm (FPSO) and fuzzy logic

     Mohammad Talebi, Seyed Javad Mirabedini

27- The effects of dorsal-hippocampal administration of GPR55 Selective agonist and antagonist on anxiety-like behaviors in male rats

     Ghorbany Sajjad, Sahraei Hedayat, Hajizadeh Moghaddam Akbar

28- Tmproving the security and reliability of wireless sensor networks based on an effective algorithm for boosting base station anonymity

     Ali Barati, Iman Attarzadeh

29- Study the interaction between Bovin serum albumin, Flavin adenine di-nucleotide and Riboflavin compounds with Nano particles of iron oxide and titanium dioxide

     Fatemeh Alimoradi, Mahmoud Roushani, Shahryar Abbasi

30- The effect of earnings variability factors on managers earnings per share forecast error in smoothing and operational efficiency company

     DR. Hossein Karbasi Yazdi, Bahareh Narjesi

31- Robust PID controller design for two-way remote performance system in the presence of mass uncertainty and Smith predictor

     Reza Tamaskani, Mojtaba Ajoudani

32- Evaluating role of customer-orientation and business management

     Dr.Sara Yousefi, Prof. Wang Aimin

33- Structural relationship of the natural environment, eco label and atmosphere of the region with destination choice: role of mediating destination image (case study: Ecocamp of Matin Abad)

     Sakineh Jafari, Mahdieh Ghasemi, Sajjad Shalikar

34- Explaining the relationship between employees’ personal values, creativity, organizational commitment and customer oriented in Pasargad Bank branches

     Ayyub Sheikhy, Forough Farzan

35- Explaining the relationship between organizational spirituality, organizational loyalty, engagement and organizational citizenship behavior

     Farhad Gheisari, Abdolmajid Farokhian

36- Role of operating budgeting system in enhancing the accountability of public sector (case study: Isfahan social welfare office)

     Fariba Abasian, Dr. Abdolmajid Abdolbaqy Ata Abaady

37- The effects of thickness and number of silicon thin layers on Reflectance, Transmittance and Emittance

     Mohsen Parsaeian, Seyyed Amir Abbas Oloomi, Seyyed Ali Agha Mirjalili

38- The optimization of nano-scale multilayer structures by annealing algorithm

     Mohammad Hadi Mirjalili, Seyyed Amir Abbas Oloomi

39- Evaluating the effect of associated religious service charges to Quran on the social and educational services sectors

     Ghasem Rezaiee, Khadijeh Sadeghi

40- Sex differences in english vocabulary learning through the keyword method, the case of Iranian EFL learners

     Mona Emami Pana, Akbar Afghari

41- Experimental investigation the impact of collar installation on the Cylindrical Bridge Piers in the Rivers Bend

     Ebrahim Nohani, Saeed Taheri Ghannad

42- Influencing factors on management of water resources from the perspective of horticulturists in Iran

     Gholamreza Dinpanah, Mohammad Ali Abdi

43- A new soft switching flyback-forward converter with high power density

     Majid Delshad, Fahime Abolhasani

44- A Survey of the relationship between intellectual capital and firm performance criteria

     Hasanali Ghanei, Ahmad Ramezani Kheibari

45- Predicting sedimentation process in dam reservoir using mathematical model

     Ebrahim Nohani, Ali Afrous

46- Studying and explaining solutions for improving urban environmental construction in urban sustainable development (case study: Nour City)

     Hamed Kiani, Gholamreza Janbaz Ghobadi

47- Ranking healthy city condition applying numerical taxonomy (case study: main cities of Mazandaran)

     Hamed Kiani, Mohammad TariKoohsari, Gholamreza JanbazGhobadi

48- On the effectiveness of three types of assessment on EFL learners’ self-regulation

     Abbas Ali Zarei, Zahra Uselfi

49- Effective factors on job performance of agricultural extension experts in Iran

     Gholamreza Dinpanah, Vida Morzapour

50- Impact of anti-vortex blade position on discharge experimental study on the coefficient of morning glory spillway

     Ebrahim Nohani, Amin Mohebizadeh

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