Volume 2, Special Issue 2, 2015 (March)

1- Investigating the relation between tax avoidance and auditor tenure in the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Shiba Serafat, Ghodratollah Barzegar

2- Examining the impact of corporate governance on the relation of management accounting system and performance of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchangene

     Amer Rahnama, Arezoo Jalili

3- Experimental study of effect of installing deflector on replacement of inception point of air entrainment in stepped spillways

     Safarpour Mojtaba, Mousavi Jahromi Habib, Shafaei Bajestan Mahmood, Masjedi Alireza, Kashkouli Heidar Ali

4- Meritocracy, missed link in process of selecting successful managers

     Seyyed Jamal Hosseini, Amir Akhavanfar, Meisam Jamalzadeh, Saeed Ebrahimi, Zahra Tahmasbi, Ali Jamal Livani

5- Examination of factors influencing the willingness of consumers to change consumer behavior regarding the failure of the service (Case study: Iran Insurance Company)

     Amir Hosseinpour, Shahnaz Nayebzadeh

6- Studying the impact of the dimensions of knowledge management on organization development

     Nour Mohammad Yaghoubi, Mahdieh Maleki

7- Formulation of vernacular-oriented model in the city of Kerman

     Seyyedeh Azita Majdzadeh, Siavash Rashidi Sharifabad

8- Designation of recreational-touri sm centers of Naz islands with an approach to context orientation (interaction between environment and architecture)

     Shima Iranmanesh, Hamed Imantalab

9- Impact of behavioral biases (overconfidence, ambiguity-aversion and loss-aversion) on investment making decision in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Marzieh Rostami, Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani

10- Smart Safety System

     Mostafa Kashani, M Alemzadeh, Mohamad Mohamadi zadh

11- Organizational information and employees’ organizational trust (Case study: Rasht municipality staff)

     Fariba Bagherzadeh-Lakani, Mehrdad Goudarzand-Chegini

12- A Systematic arranging method for reclose-fuse coordination in distribution system in appearance of DG

      Yunesi, Gh. Seifossadat

13- Designing an institute of history of ancient Iran based on an approach to reinvention of architectural and local values in Kenar Sandal area

     Samin Jahanshahi, Siavash Rashidi Sharifabad

13- A new approach based on continuous genetic algorithm in software cost estimation

     Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh, Amir Pourali

14- Increasing program’s readability using INFC protocol

     Rahim Rashidi, Behnam Zebardast, Kamal Habibi, Diako Saadi

15- Relationship between managers’ self-knowledge and their tricks in managing conflicts in Khuzestan Gas Company

     Seyed Yousef Hajiasghari, Farhad Gheisari

17- Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral play therapy group on self-esteem and social skills in girls’ elementary school

     Sareh Ghasemian Siahkalroudi, Mohammadreza Zarbakhsh Bahri

18- The enforcement of the arbitral vote in the legal system of the Iran and UK

     Davood Abdi, Hossein Ghorbanian

19- International relations and crisis management international relations

     Mahdi Barouh

20- Identification and classification of factors affecting customer’s frequent use of bank services (Case Study: Parsian Bank)

     Hossein Najafi

21- The study of indices of knowledge management and its impact on employee empowerment in education departments of the Lamerd and Mehr City

     Dr. Mokhtar Ranjbar, Halime Agah

22- Effect of manager’s leadership on organizational commitment of school teacher’s Rustam city

     Eisa Amiri, Dr. Mokhtar Ranjbar, Soghra Niknam

23- Iranian families and soft war

     Ali Mohammadi, Dr. Abdul Amir Jorfy

24- Effect of organizational learning on human resource development (case study: Payam Noor University in Fars province)

     Dr. Mokhtar Ranjbar, Muhammad Absalan

25- Query on the codes and symbols of mosues in Iran from the first to eight centuries

     Lida Balilan, Saeid Habibi , Gasem Ravandi

26- Studying concept of fraud from the jurisprudential and legal linguistic viewpoints: comparative study of fraud in domestic and international law

     Zahra Fazlali Zadeh, Javad Vahedizadeh

27- Effectiveness of therapy with respect to acceptance and commitment on students’ anxiety with test anxious in Esfahan city

     Mandana Nikkhah, Mozhgan Arefi

28- Study the role of administrative office of a rural district in the modern rural management of Kiar province, Iran

     Seyed Hafez Salehi, Mojtaba Pirooz

29- Compare and evaluate the psychological well-being and demographic characteristics of ordinary mothers with maternal mediation in Esfahan City

     Eram Farhang Dareshouri, Dr. Farzaneh Niknezhadi, Dr. Fateme Rezaei

30- Evaluation the risk factors, indications and short term complications in postpartum hysterectomy in selected hospitals in Isfahan

     Riyahi Nezhad Soheila, Ghasemi Tehrani Hatav, Minoo Movahedi, Ghasemi Mojdeh, Neda Mohammadi

31- The effectiveness of using n-acetyl cysteine together with clomiphene citrate on ovulation induction in the patients with polycystic ovary syndrome referred to Isfahan reproduction and infertility center in 2013

     Soheila RiyahiNezhad, Hatav Ghasemi Tehrani,Minoo Movahedi, Nafiseh Soltani, Freshteh Haghighat

32- Studying the effectiveness of teaching parents’ positive parenting practices on reduce anxiety in girl children of primary school in Esfahan city in 2013-2014

     Rana Hedayat Nia, Dr. Farzaneh Niknezhadi, Dr. Fateme Rezaei

33- Study and comparison of relationship between job enthusiasm, job performance and behavior of anti- efficiency among permanent and non-permanent staffs in the Pazargad petrochemical (Assaluyeh)

     Moslem Mansori, Dr. Mohammad Rabiee, Dr. Mohammad Ghasemipirbaloti

34- A review of organizational empowerment with emphasis on knowledge management

     Farzad Habibi, Dr. Amir Seyedi, Rohullah Bayat, Arash Haji Karimi

35- Analysis of the structural model behavior of financial investors in capital markets using structural equation modeling (SEM)

     Hormoz Jadarian Gilan, Ebrahim Abbasi

36- A novel design of CPW-Fed UWB antenna with dual band-notched features

     Seyed Mahmood Mortazavi, Mohammad Reza Mahdaviyani, Seyed Mohammad Taghi Mortazavi

37- The comparative analysis role of international factor in configuration of Islamic revolution of Iran and Egypt revolutionn

  1. Ghaderi Bayangani

38- A hybrid approach artificial bee colony optimization and k-means clustering for software cost estimation

     Ziba Ayat, Amin Babazadeh Sangar

39- Predication of performance of merger and acquisition of companies accepted in Tehran stock exchange by using neural networks

     Samira Zamanian, Mohammad Hasan Janani

40- Evaluation of relationship between acceptances of information technology with staff’s creativity

     Mahboobeh Golestani Zadeh, Badri Shahtalebi, Akbar Etebarian

41- Analysis of relationship between using information systems and aspects of staff productivity based on Hersey and Goldsmith model

     Rasool Heihavand Zavari Poor, Badri Shahtalebi, Akbar Etebaria

42- Performance evaluation of Shoushtar wastewater treatment plant (BOD5 and DO)

     Nima Arian Far, Mohsen Soleimani Babersad

43- Analysis and simulation of carbon Nanotubes structure and application CNT on the based circuits and their introduction to a new low power delay flip flop

     Mahsa Mohmedi Kartalaei, Houshang Sharifi

45- Factor of landslide occurrence in Govijeh bell basin with techniques GIS and RS

     Chanli Zamanzadeh, Mohammad Reza Novjavan, Ahmed Ali Zare, H. Ebrahimi

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