Volume 2, Special Issue 2, 2015 (10 April)

1- An investigation on Iranian university students’ reluctance to participate in EFL classrooms

     Farnaz Baktash, Azizeh Chalak

2- Estimating efficiency of water input for the production of different products in Ahwaz city

     Hossein Ostadi, Hadi Izadi

3- To identify the relationship between profit prediction frequency and corporate governance

     Behroz Agh Atabae, Mojtaba Moshdeie

4- Shift work correlation with risk factors of cardiovascular disease and obesity in Iranian Oil and Gas Company employees in Asalouye

     Faramarz kouchaki, Maghsoud peeri, Hasan Matin Homaei

5- A Study of variables affecting stock market indices of banks and credit institutions (2003-2013)

     Hossein Ostadi, Abbas Karimi

6- The relationship of cash flow prediction and accruals on the return of book value to market value in food industry listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Rezvan Torabi, Mehdi Malekzade Varnosfaderani

7- Analysis the impact of different types of property on risks in the petrochemical industry listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Rezvan Torabi, Mohammad Hossein Mehravar

8- The study of co integration relationship among operating leverage, risk and unsystematic return in sugar companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Rezvan Torabi, Hamidreza Mokhtari

9- The relationship between credit risk and money volume in economy of the Iran

     Hossein Ostadi, Farhad Moradi Chalashtari

10- An investigation on the effects of financial and trade liberalizations and the number of scholars on patent, invention and accumulation of ideas in the developing countries

     Rezvan Torabi, Ghasem Nagheh, Asieh Rahimi, Maedeh Azarbayjani

11- Analysis of OPEC member countries’ foreign exchange reservers (1991-2011)

     Hossein Ostadi, Mohsen Nasri-NasrAbadi

12- A survey of the relation between stock offering and private investment in Iran

     Hossein Ostadi, Hamed Omidi Arjanaki

13- The effects of rising energy carriers’ prices on energy carriers’ consumption in the two-digit industry

     Houshang Shajari, Amir Hortamani, Mohsen Sami

14- Study of target revenue model for oil supply of exporting member states of OPEC and non-OPEC selectees

     Hossein Ostadi, Mohammad-Amin Shahbazi

15- The impact of monetary and fiscal policies on balance of payments in order to fulfill the objectives of the Fifth Development Plan

     Hossein Ostadi, Bahram Taee

16- Feasibility of creating SOC in Agricultural Bank of Iran

     Sajjad Daliri

17- To investigate relation between liquidity leverage and management of real profit

     Jafar Yahyavi

18- Sackcloth (Kherqa) and sackcloth wearing in Sufism from hafiz’s perspective

     MohammadAli Gozashti, Behrouz Imanzadeh Khiavi

19- Strategies for promoting the management system in the bureau of prisons of Khuzestan province

     Enayatallah Aghaei, Morteza Torabi

20- Investigating the challenges of successfulness or unsuccessfulness of nomad’s settlement management in Iran and presenting its solutions (case study: Eghlid township)

     Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani, Mohammad Taghi Salari

21- Comparative analysis of the effect of organizational culture characteristics on telecommuting system strategy through inferential statistics and rough set theory

     Nima Ranji Jafroodi, Sanjar Salajeghe, Masoud Pour Kiani

22- Providing a model for procurement of construction projects in perspective of reducing the construction risk

     Seyed Mohsen Moghaddasi, Saleh Salehi Fereidouni

23- Effect of post-anthesis heat stress on grain yield of barley, durum and bread wheat genotypes

     Adel Modhej, Rozbeh Farhoudi, Ali Afrous

24- Prevalence, causes and comparison of lower extremities injuries with an emphasis on knee and ankle injury in some football and basketball elite male athletes in Khuzestan province

     Ali Reza Amani, Masoud Nikbakht, Rouhollah Ranjbar

25- Evaluating the recreational value of Mogarmon tourist area using contingent valuation method (CVM)

     Iman Danaeifar, Morteza Nemati, Hadi Mohammadi, Maryam Mohtasham Pour, MashaAllah Ahmadi


27- General considerations in the seismic analysis of steel storage tanks

     Mohsen Mohamadshahi, Ali Afrous

28- Comparing calculations of sediment yield in Masjed Soleyman dam (SW, Iran) using the MPSIAC and hydrographic models

     Zakeri Hoseini Fatemeh, Rezaei Khalil, Shafai Bajestan Mahmood

29- Reward management a factor effective in the revival of old contextures

     Sommayeh Shirin Jani, Sadeq Kahvazi, Ahmad Esteghlal, Alireza Poursalman

30- Factors influencing store environment perception (evidence from Iranian chain stores)

     Vahid Reza Mirabi, Ebrahim Samiey

32- Dignity and status of Sufism and mysticism

     Shapour Nourazar, Fatemeh Bromand

33- Exploring the innovations of the new law of family support in 2012 and the difference with the old law of the family support

     Amir Bakhshayee, Mehran Jafari

34- Study of practical application of digital techniques in designing

     Ehsan Ronagh

35- The juridical-legal study of running provision and result of its violation

     Mohamad Samadi Shahidlo, Dr. Seyed Mohamd Hosyni

36- Juridical and legal study of the right to borders of properties in Iran

     Ahmad Aqajani, Dr. Seyed Mohamad Hosyni

37- Studying the impact of supply chain complexity on competitiveness capabilities

     Iman Hakimi, Abdolreza Soltani Nejad, Hamed Alipour, Kazem Mortazavi

38- An analysis of factors impacting on banks’ outstanding claims: a case study in Mehr-e Eghtesad bank, west Azerbaijan province

     Shapour Rezaei, Yousef Pashazadeh, Saeid Rezabeigi

39- The effect of increasing subsidies for health on household welfare using a general equilibrium model (CGE) in Iran

     Atefeh Mazinani, Hosein Sadeghi, Ali mahammad Ahmadi, Mohammad Hasan zadeh

40- Factors affecting staff organizational commitment based on a three-commitment model: The case study of Aran and Bidgol PNU’s staff

     Dr. Hossein Sotudeh Arani, HamidReza EmraniNejad

41- Investigating the position of knowledge, political values and religious values in the value system according to employees of Shahrekord University of medical sciences

     Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani, Hasan Saadatfar, AliEhsan Nikjoo

42- The Relationship between knowledge management and social Capital in Developing countries (case study: Kurdistan province Industrial Towns)

     Tafgah Monaghi

43- The evaluation of the impact of income tax on the financial status indicator (current payments and payments for development) in the Islamic republic of Iran during 1971- 2006

     Abedin Saeedikia, Mehran Gholami, Ebrahim Lotfinia

44- Investigating the moderating role of individual spirituality in relation between commitment to career choices and career adaptation among the staff of the office of cooperatives, labor and social welfare in Isfahan

     Ehsaneh Ahmadi, Iman danaeifar, Mozhgan Hossein Abadi

46- Evaluating and prioritizing the aspects of SWOT matrix using the statistical methods and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) (case study: Iranian oil pipeline and telecommunication company, northwest region)

     Mohammad Reza Ghorbanian, Jafar Amini, Mohammad Saboorifard

47- Oral health information system in Iran: domains and priorities, using Nominal Group Technique

     Nadereh Moosavi Fatemi, Arezoo Ebnahmady, Mohammad Hossein Khoshnevisan

48- Evaluation of human-oriented transport in city hall transportation projects approach to sustainable (Case Study of the Kerman city hall)

     Sedigheh Meimandi Parizi, Abdolreza Kazeminiya

49- An analysis on urban tourism by SWOT model (Case Study: Marvdasht City)

     Majid Shams, Ali Saffari-Raad, Ahmad Ghasemi

50- Analysis of relation between Lake Urmia’s area with meteorological and hydrological droughts using Landsat satellite images

     Nesar Nasiri, Bahram Saghafian, Seyed Pedram Pourhosseini

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