Volume 2, Special Issue 10 (IPN Malaysia, Dec. 2015)

1- Smart phones usage among the millennial generation in Malaysia  

Iman Khalid A. Qader, AzizahBinti Omar

2- Enhancing Ad Hoc network performance using different propagation models in clusterbased routing protocols  

Abdulsaheb et al.

3- Behavior of laminated glass panels using polyurethane resin as an interlayer subjectedto air blast loading  

Alias Yusof et al.

4- Antecedents of consumer behavior and foreign product evaluation among consumer  

Kasuma et al.

5- Effect of Node Density and FEC Packet Size on Video Quality over HeterogeneousNetworks  

Khalaf et al.

6- Feasibility study of water quality trend in long term time series for Langat River  

Yusof et al.

7- Multibiometric systems and template security survey  

EmadTahaKhalaf, NorrozilaSulaiman

8- Awareness of and knowledge about the Prevalence of Schistosomiasis in 15 endemicVillages of Lala, Lanaodel Norte  

FerlynVillaroyaLogronio, Cesar G. Demayo

9- 2014 Malaysia flood: impacts & factors contributing towards the restoration ofdamages  

ZainalAbidinAkasah, Sunitha V. Doraisamy

10- Issues on the different coastal and marine resources in Dumanquillas Bay, ZamboangaPeninsula, Mindanao, Philippines  

Gema U. Alduhisa, Cesar G. Demayo

11- Consent, standard form contracts and empowerment for consumers  

Mohd.Faiz Abdullah, Rozanah Ab. Rahman

12- Malaysia herbal industry: profile of SMES  

Saari Ahmad, Noraini Othman

13- Green synthesis and characterization of hydroxyethyl cellulose based silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity  

Appalasuwami et al.

14- Adaptive capacity of the Municipality of Sindangan to the changing climate  

Yhebron J. Lagud, Cesar G. Demayo

15- The role of organization, individual and job characteristics on work performance: Atheoretical review  

Jafri et al.

16- Farmer’s perceptions on rice production management practices in Bayog, ZamboangaDel Sur, Mindanao, Philippines  

Rosanilio M. Yagos, Cesar G. Demayo

17- The essential elasticity for energy demand: an application of laaids model in eastMalaysia  

Kwang Jing Yii, Caroline Geetha

18- Performance study of lab scale algae productionharvesting integrated system (APHIS)in improving algae oil for sustainable energy  

Mohd Said et al.

19- Facial shape variations between heterosexual and homosexual Filipino males  

Demayo et al.

20- Modeling compact driver car seat and analysis of its ergonomic for driver posturalusing Catia software  

Mohd Saidet al.

21- Biosorption of Copper Ion using immobilized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in a continuous

Packed‐Bed column  

Abdul Raffar et al.

22- The US corporate income tax system: is it in need of reform?

House et al.

23- The effect of information, communication and technology (ICT) and quality management to export performance of Malaysian’s SME in manufacturing sector

Radzi et al.

24- Bat with Dempster theory for feature selection: A framework

Rozlini et al.

25- Development and evaluation of fly ash particle for foam stability for possible application to foam flooding

Ahmad et al.

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