Volume 2, Special Issue 1, 2015 (March)

1- The impact of profit quality on information disclosure in petroleum companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Hossein Ostadi, Khatereh Abedini

2- Comparing the ability of ANN artificial neural networks and ARIMA method for predicting steel price

     Hossein Ostadi, Fatemeh Azimi

3- The estimation of productivity of walnut production in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

     Hossein Ostadi, Reza Ganji Salah Chini

4- Examine the relationship between commodity imports and fluctuations GDP, according system equations (1991-2012)

     Hossein Ostadi, Maryam Jamalipour

5- How to determine the profitability of the bank during and before the international financial crisis (Case study: accepted banks in Tehran Stock Exchange)

     Hossein Ostadi, Mehdi Riahi

6- Studying trade potential among the Group of Eight Developing Countries (D8) and Industrialized Nations (G8) (1990-2012)

     Hossein Ostadi, Mohammad Reza Shoaei

7- Evaluating the impact of institutional investors on shares return in food industry in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Hossein Ostadi, Sajad Suleimani Biranvand

8- Queuing theory application to present optimal model of service providing to customers of social security organization of Isfahan province

     Hossein Ostadi, Maedeh Taaki

9- The impact of abnormal returns of shares on slump of one-day shares price in 50 top companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (2003-2013)

     Noorullah Rezaei Tehranizadeh, Rezvan Torabi

10- Surveying the effect of conservation on dividend policy and company managers’ bonus

     Akram Gholi Zadeh, Mohammad Reza Abdoli

11- Investigating the relationship between implementation of management information systems with organizational entrepreneurship (Case study: Medical Sciences University of Yasuj)

     Dariush Mashdoor, Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani

12- The study of effective management transformative strategies on the reduction of banknote printing and publishing costs (Case study: bank staffs and customers of Esfahan city)

     Morteza Ghazavi Esfahani, Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani

13- An investigation into the impact of oil price on Iranian economic growth by comparing the performance of economic sectors

     Rouhollah Hashempour

14- The relationship between religious attitudes, anxiety, and self-concept in students

     Farzaneh Golshekoh

15- The influence of education and knowledge on the growth of the added value of the agriculture sector in Iran

     Niloofar Dadfar, Bahaedine Najafi, Nematolah Mosavi

16- Identification and classification of influencing factors on selection of cosmetics supplier in factor analysis method (Case study: east of Fars)

     Mohammad Sadegh Ramazanzadeh, Hassan Soltani

17- Humanitarian intervention and human security in Iraq

     Masoumeh Yazdanpanah, Ghaffar Zarei

18- Investigating the relation between risk management and environmental disclosure level of social responsibility of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Farzaneh Valizadeh, Ghodratollah Barzegar

19- Examining the impact of market share on cash policy of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Seyyed Farhad Seyyed Hosseini, Roya Darabi

20- Reviewing factors affecting the pricing less than companies’ initial public offering of shares listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Alireza Abdi, Esfandiar Malekian Kale Basti

21- Transformation and the trend of controlling the conventional mechanisms of transferring technology

     Minoo Ghafoorian Masoudzadeh, Mostafa Mandegar

22- Tomato marketing issues in Fars province (Case study: Kāzirūn County)

     Bahman Hoshyari, Hadi Khadivar

23- Preventing economic crimes in the criminal law of Iran, with respect to Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution and in light of the Convention against corruption

     Ali Mashhadi, Abbas Taday

24- New methods of verification and identification using iris patterns

     Ali Azimi Kashani, Alimohamad Monjezi Nori, Iman Mosavian

25- Product circulation transparency as a situational prevention tool against crime (based on smuggling crime)

     Gh.H Elham, S.M. Mirkhalili, A.M. Parhamfar

26- Modeling and evaluation of optimal T-flip flap based on quantum Cellular Automata using QCA designer simulator

     Mostafa Sadeghi, Akbar Nabiollahi

27- Evaluation of nitrogen removal from agricultural runoff via constructed wetlands

     Ali Afrous, Shahram Goudarzi

28- The study of permitted delays on costs in construction projects (Case study of irrigation and drainage network)

     Mohammad Ali Soleiman Nejad, Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli

29- The successes of departure Imam Reza to Iran

     Alireza Mehdi Pour

30- The entrance of tcshmal’s musicians in the ancient Iran time and their traces in the Bakhtiaryian’s tribe

     Karim Golshani, Siros Haydary

31- Title of the article: financial conditions in Haji Mirza Aqasi ministry era

     Abdol Aziz Movahed, Mostafa Kamyab Far

32- The use of GPS and GIS in the management of precision agriculture

     Elham Tayari, Amin Reza Jamshid, Hamid Reza Goodarzi

33- Role of GPS and GIS in precision agriculture

     Elham Tayari, Amin Reza Jamshid, Hamid Reza Goodarzi

34- Simulation of structure – fluid interaction in left side of human heart

     Masoud Hemmati, Seyyed Amir Abbas Oloomi, Siamak Khorami Mehr

35- Identifying and ranking indicators of intellectual capital in higher educational institutions from perspective of faculty members: a case study University of S and B

     Atefeh Golshahi, Fatemeh Kazemnejad Estahbanati, Abbas Ali Haghparast, Zahra Rashki Ghaleh Nou, Elaheh Firoziani

36- A new method to calculate mathematical morphology using associative memory and cellular learning automata

     Ali Azimi Kashani, Alimohamad Monjezi Nori, Iman Mosavian

37- Investigating the effect of the quality-oriented of the employees on the organizationalcitizenship behavior and organizational reputation: a case study management of Technical and Vocational Education of West Azerbaijan Province

     Mehdi Imani Hasanlouee

38- Comparison of case arbitration and organizational arbitration in Iran law

     Javad Khaleghian, Seyed Asghar Hendi, Farnoosh Baghian

39- Review and prioritizing the main affective factors on the supply chain quality management (SCQM) (case study: TONDAR 90 deputy, Iran Khodro Company, Tehran, Iran)

     Faranak Akhlaghi, Davood Jafari

40- The investigation of the effects of internal marketing on the services quality emphasizing the Inter Madiate Role of organizational Citizenship Behaviors (case study of Esfarayen City Banks)

     Sanaz Roshani, Mohamad Reza Kabaran Zad, Mohamad Hosein Bijarchi

41- Reactive power support of smart distribution grids using optimal management of charging parking of PHEV

     Omid Rahat, Eiman Riazy

42- The effects of corporate governance features on stock price in the companies of Tehran Stock Exchange

     Mohsen Nazar Nokande, Mansour Garkaz

43- Empirical research of relationship between corporate social responsibility and risk (TSE)

     Mojtaba Shojaiee, Mohamad Reza Abdoli

44- Superman from the perspectives of Nietzsche and Shamloo

     Mohammad Akavan, Elham Nazem

45- Investigation of industrial customers’ behavior in tendency to purchasing by internet

     Adeleh Bazoobandi

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