Volume 2, Special Issue 1, 2015 (1 April)

1- Investigating the effect of smart fuel system using RFID technology on improving the productivity and career successes in the department of transportation of Gachsaran exploitation of oil and Gas Company

     Ghasem Nazari, Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani

 2- Investigating the effect of customers’ characteristics on the electronic salability of insurance products (case study: insurance companies in Tehran)

     Mohammad Ansari, Dr. Saeid Aghasi

3- Investigating the effects of green management on the executive performance of the managers and staff of Shahrekord municipality

     Farzaneh Asgari Pordanjani, Dr. Zohreh Aghababaei Dehaghani

4- Investigating the relationship between productivity improvement and information technology implementation of employees of industrial management organization

     Sanjar Salajeghe, Arezoo Hamzei

5- An Investigation on the effect of diversified stocks on the relationship between capital cost and the quality of accruals for companied listed on Tehran stock exchange

     Iman Rameshianfar, Abbas Talebbeydokhti

6- Assessing usage of urban lands using GIS system (Case study: Jouybar City)

     Khadijeh Aqapour, Qolamreza Janbazghobadi

 7- An intelligent and reliable examination-method using decision tree to classify the examinees in the educational systems

     Bahman Arasteh, Behnam Arasteh, Mahsa Ganbarli

8- Explaining and designing model of the intellectual capital management enablers

     Seyedeh Leila Hosseini Tabaghdehi, Mohammad Salehi, Javad khalatbari

9- Distribution of metals (lead, vanadium, nickel, selenium) in the tissues of benthic fish, oriental sole, from two sites of Persian Gulf

     Saeid Moghdani, Farshad Ghanbari, Fariba Fazeli, Farkhonde Nezamzadeh, Maryam Irani, Marzieh Jamei, Mohammad Dashtianeh

10- Critical analysis of the Cartesian model of dualism

     Nasereddin Hassanzadeh Tabrizi, Bahman Amani, Zahra Nozan

11- The investigation of the current status and feasibility to enhance private/cooperative sectors in Kerman province pistachio market

     Iman Hakimi, Rohollah Sharifi

12- The survey of relationship between administrative automation and effectiveness of the organization in the Rafsanjan University of medical sciences

     Ali zare askari, Hamid Taboli, Iman Hakimi

13- Effects of 8-weekaerobic exercise on blood glycemic indexes and anthropometric of patients with type 2 diabetes in the Dezful

     Aboutaleb Bagheri, Akbar Ghalavand, Gholamreza Salvand, Ali kamounzadeh, Akram Monazamnezhad

14- Evaluate the spatial variability of EC and TDS in groundwater of Dez irrigation network

     Hasan Andik, Hossein Eslami

15- Laboratory comparison of determining density and moisture by nondestructive and destructive nuclear methods ASTM2216 and ASTM1556c

     Alireza Askary, Ali Afrous

16- Study of the rate of sediment trapping and water loss in the vortex tube structure at different placement angles

     Sina Dashtbozorgi, Ali Asareh

17- Effect of salt stress on physiological and morphological parameters of rapeseed cultivars

     Rozbeh Farhoudi, Adel Modhej, Ali Afrous

18- Effect of salt stress on Seedlings growth and ions homeostasis of soybean (Glysin max) Cultivars

     Rozbeh Farhoudi, Adel Modhej, Ali Afrous

19- Accumulation ratio of cu from sewage sludge by aquatic plants

     Shahram Goudarzi, Ali Afrous

20- Evolution of EPM karstified model for simulation inflow into the tunnel (case study: Kermanshah-Iran)

     Masood Fotovat, Ali Saremi, Moeen Molamohamadizade

21- Application of AHP and GIS for landfill site selection (A case study: city of Susa)

     Amir Foroughian, Hossein Eslami

22- Effect of supply chain management on company performance and acquirement of competitive advantage (case study: Alborz Khosh-Poush clothing production company)

     Parisa Shahri Nezhad, Abollfazl Danaei

23- A comparison of the characteristics of white-collar and blue-collar Inmates in Isfahan

     Niloufar Pedaran, Mozhgan Arefi

24- A nine-layer model of integration to develop enterprise resource planning system

     Amin Babazadeh Sangar, Milad Kohzadi, Sonia Latify MahmoodAbad

25- Pathology of internal and external factors of the outsourcing system of urban services of the municipality of Qom using a SWOT analysis

     Dr. Hossein Sotudeh Arani, Morteza Mohammadi

26- The relationship between spiritual leadership and vertical organizational trust

     Dr. Sedigheh Tootian Esfahani, Sajjad Sedaghat

27- The effects of government on the political development

     Ayyub Ghafari, Mohammadreza Ghaedi

28- Role of job satisfaction components on organizational productivity (case study of Pegah Fars Co)

     Vida Karimi, Azadeh Eslami, Rezvan Karimi, Suzan Karimi, Majid Hesampour

29- Investigating informative, conservative and conditional role of capital structure in competitive environment of market and its effect on financial reporting quality process in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Hamidreza Rahimi, Mohamadreza Abdoli, Farhad Dehdar

30- Explaining the effects of factors affecting efficiency and effectiveness of human resources in Gachsaran Oil Company

     Mina Pouryazdan, Hassan Soltani, Mansour Amini Lari

31- Motivational facets of self-regulated learning: self-efficacy as a predictor of resource management strategies in Iranian TEFL students

     Hossein Abdulhay, Seyyed Amir Hossein Sarkeshikian

32- Studying wife’s inheritance status in Iran and Lebanon law

     Mosayyeb Raeisi, Feysal Saeedi

33- A glance at the moral damage in the statutes, jurisprudence and judicial precedents in Iran’s legal system

     Ghafour Khoeyni, Ali Etemadi, Mehdi Karimi

34- Explaining the relationship between customer orientations; knowledge management and customer relationship with CRM technology with organizational variables mediate Pasargad Bank

     Farhad Gheisari, Taher Gheisari

35- Factors affecting the limitations of empowering women working in governmental agencies of Iran

     Dr. Sedigheh Tootian Esfahani, Dr. Farideh Dehghanian

36- Integrating balanced scorecard with fuzzy AHP and ELECTRE III for prioritize agility dimensions in auto parts manufacturing company

     Mostafa Kazemi, Mir Hossein Seyyedi

37- Evaluation of selection, supervision and inspection systems in revenuers’ performance in Iran

     Mehrzad Ferdowsi

38- Comparative analysis of selection, supervision and inspection systems in revenuers’ performance in Iran, Australia and England

     Mehrzad Ferdowsi, Katayoon Rahvari

39- The effect of consumer satisfaction and brand personality on brand loyalty within consumer personality traits framework (case study: home appliances products in Ghaemshahr city)

     Marjan Ahmadi Kamarposhti, Seyyed Mohamad Bagheri

40- An investigation into the technology-based strategy under development of international business at Ezam holding company

     Morteza Roghaniha

41- Investigation the effect of clay core in seepage from non-homogenous earth dams using SEEP/W Model

     Fatemeh Karampoor

42- Physicians’ obligations in cosmetic surgery in range of medical law and criminal law

     Mahya Hatami

43- The identification and weighting of behavioral biases of investors in stock market of Isfahan

     Esmaeil Zarabi, Rezvan Torabi

44- The evaluation of the impact of income tax on the financial status indicator (current payments and payments for development)

     Abedin Saeedikia, Mehran Gholami, Ebrahim Lotfinia

45- Examining the effect of cavitation on crest spillway using Ansys-fluent software

     Ali Eskanadari Sabzi, Ali Afrous

47- Evaluating Artificial Neural Network in IDS Alert Management System

     Fatemeh Charlank Bakhtiari, Mir-Kamal Mirnia

48- Study of the Relationship between Ownership Structure and Inventories Management of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     Atefeh Rashidi, S. Mirbakhsh KamraniMosavi

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