Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015

1- The stand of diplomatic protection of legal person in the international judicial precedent

     Elnaz Boustani, Ali Shojaei Fard

 2- The evaluation of susceptibility of Abadan city to natural disaster and immunization strategies

     Mehrnaz Amigh, Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli

 3- The study of the implication of social capital on the staffs’ productivity of Mellat Bank of Fars Province

     Ahmad Askari, Aliasghar Mashinchi, Hossein Gholami

 4- The effect of emotional intelligence (EI) on empowering the employees of Mobin Petrochemical Company

     Ahmad Askari, Mokhtar Ranjbar, Abdullah Rezaei

 5- Study of deepening causes of religious and political challenges between Iran and Saudi Arabia

     Behrooz Gheisari, Abdolamir Jorfi

 6- Presenting a new data security solution in cloud computing

     Aysan Shiralizadeh, Abdulreza Hatamlou, Mohammad Masdari

 7- Investigating the impact of life cycle on operational cash flows of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Farzaneh Heidarpoor, Zahra Tavangar, Mojtaba Rezaei Roshan

 8- The study of the reasons for increased cost of concrete containing special pozzolanic cement and presenting strategy for production of low cost pozzolanic concrete (case study of Roudbar dam of Lorestan)

     Hamid Hossein Toulabi, Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli

 9- Bio-separation of heavy metals from spent catalysts using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans

     Niloofar Razeghi, Roya Mafi Gholami, Sadegh Ghasemi

 10- The status of narcotics in the criminal court rules

     Ali Mazarei, Kobra Bistouni

 11- The impact of demographic characteristics on the development of entrepreneurship in agricultural production cooperatives of Qazvin Province

      Mirdamadi, M. Hekmat

 12- Survey Shapurdukhtak’s images in Sasaanian art

     Karim Golshani Rad, Parisa Saadat Pur

 13- Impact of slope, tillage systems and methods of cultivation on the rate of soil erosion in cultivating rain fed wheat of Khozestan province

     Amin Reza Jamshidi, Ali Afrous

14- Effect of soil moisture and tractor speed on soil physical properties and Barley yield in Shoushtar region

     Amin Reza Jamshidi, Ali Afrous

15- Organizational creativity and innovation of teachers and administrators in middle schools

     Batoul Tayari, Hamdolah Manzari Tavakoli

16- Selecting the green supplier by identification and weighting parameters and fuzzy decision making approach: a case study of Iran Khodro Co

     Maryam Adibi, Dr. Abutorab Alirezaie, Dr. Kiamars Fathi Hafshjani

17- Covering of Women in Ancient Iran

     Abdol Aziz Movahed, Elham Jafari

18- Holiness of Izad Mah (God of moon) and its influence on klimwa cup

     Abedolaziz Movahed, Zeinab Assareh Zadegan Dezfuly

19- Human resources accounting and its role in the establishment of Islamic accounting

     Mehrdad Ghanbari, Reza Jamshidi, Taiebeh Najafi, Mohsen Ranin Tanha

20- Mediating role of optimism in difficulties in emotion regulation scale and psychological well-being among female students living in the dormitory of University of Isfahan (UI)

     Farzaneh Manzaree Tavakoli, Abbas Rahmati

21- The mediating role of stress-management related to difficulties in emotion regulation and psychological welfare in resident female students of Isfahan University dormitory

     Farzaneh Manzaree Tavakoli, Masoud Bagheri

22- Effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies during the recession and economic Prosperity Tehran Stock Exchange (time interval 2006-2012)

     Shahram Hafezi, Jaber Shahandeh

23- Venture capital and the market reaction to the disclosure of information

     Mosayeb Behyannejad, Azadeh Vafapour, Alireza Momeni

24- The relation between truth and tragedy according to plato

     Saeed Shapoori, Hasan Bolkhari Ghahi, Esmail BaniArdalan

25- Evaluation of effective factors on pistachios production (a case study in city of Damghan)

     Ali Ghorbani, Seyed Nematollah Musavi

26- Iran and Saudi Arabia: the dilemma of security, the balance of threat

     Hossein Salavatian, Abbas Salehi Najaf Abadi, Jahanbakhsh Moradi

27- Legal analysis – crime cognition of speculation phenomenon and effective solutions to fight it

     Iman Khademi, Abuzar Salarifar

28- Factors affecting recidivism and return to prison male prisoners in the prisons of the west of Guilan and strategies for prevention

     Majeed Sanei, Seyyed Mahmoud Mir-Khalili

29- The effectiveness of an integrative video tutorial and assertiveness behavior skills in cigarette consumption and awareness of its harmfulness among male high school students in Ilam

     Fathollah Mohammadian, Hasan Ahadi, Mohammad Hakami, NourAli Farrokhi

30- Examining the relationship between audit committee and managers’ reward with audit costs of the listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Zahra Dehghan, Hossein Fakhari

31- The collection of mosque patterns with light hierarchy approach to perception space of architecture (Case Study: Ganjalikhan Mosque and Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque)

     Samin Jahanshahi

32- Examination and analysis of the woman rights in Iran in the family support law passed in 2012

     Haleh Moghbelie Hanzaie, Meysam Taram

33- Effectiveness of international law in international relations of countries in a changing world

     Naser Adamzadeh, Yaser Adamzadeh, Ali Shojaei Fard

34- Priority of the laws of international treaties of Islam (Shia) to the laws of international treaties of the West (Contemporary)

     Naser Adamzadeh, Mohammadkazem Kaveh Pishghadam, Ali Shojaei Fard

35- Position of environment in planning and stable rural development (Case study: villages of Astara)

     Sayyedeh Seddigheh Hassani Mehr

36- Investigating the relation of emotional intelligence, financial – social status and the attitude toward school on academic progress of students of 1st grade high school of Lamard City

     Hamze Mansouri, Ahmad Askari, Aliasghar Mashinchi

37- Recognizing effective factors in university students’ deterioration (case study: university students in management course Islamic Azad university Astara branch)

     Mahnaz Kargar, Taher Savabpour

38- Factors affecting extension-education media effectiveness in agriculture information transmission to farmers in Tehran province

     Elham Javadi, Hoseinali Sheybani, Mohammad Reza Soleimanpour

39- The relation between financial flexibility and financial performance with the ratio of book value to market value in Tehran listed firms

     Zahra Bouchani, Mehrdad Ghanbari

40- Study the effective factors of products marketing mix in strategic concentration for under coverage corporate of economic complex of Imam Khomeini relief committee

     Ali Ashnagar, Kolthoom Khalilvand

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