Volume 2, Issue 1, 2015

1- Study on the behavior of finished cost elements of sold product and its effect on costs stickiness in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

     MohammadSadegh Asadi, Mohammad Reza Abdoli

3- Review and prioritizing the main affective factors on performance measurement system (PMS) (Case Study: TONDAR 90 Deputy, Iran Khodro Company, Tehran, Iran)

     Seyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Javad Khamisabadi, Mohammad Shafikhani, Mahmood Majd, Mohammad Reza Motamed

4- An investigation of several words for the drink in Ferdowsi’s Shahname

     Mahnaz Ghamarzadeh, Professor Alem John Ghasemov

5- The investigation of a few lexicons of comestibles in Ferdowsi’s Shahnama (The Book of Kings)

     Mahnaz Ghamarzadeh, Professor Alem John Ghasemov

6- Jurisprudential and legal review of possible conflicts in women’s employment with matrimonial duties in Iran

     Fateme Nejati Jazeh, Kheyrollah Ramazani

7- Comparison of delegated legislation in the legal system of England and Iran

     Ameneh Golgoon, Ghaffar Zarei

8- Status of espionage from the perspective of international laws with emphasis on countries’ diplomatic and consular relations

     Zahra Baheri, Ali Shojaei Fard

9- Pathology of Iran’s handmade carpet export 

     Mohammad Omid

10- Government responsibility in lieu sanctions from the point of view of international law 

     Mohammadreza Motallebi, Hojat-allah Izadi, Ali Shojaei Fard

11- The effect of different types of zeolite on drain water volume and nitrate leaching under tomato cultivated

     Ali Afrous, Shahram Goudarzi

12- Groundwater pollution to nitrate and salinity in west of Dez irrigation network, Dezful, Iran

     Gholamreza Mirzavand, Ali Afrous

13- Investigating the reasons for non-acceptance of new machines by wheat growers in Nadia County

     Uosof Baladi, Mohammad Aghapour Sabbaghi

14- Determining the factors affecting the profitability of industrial beef livestock units in Khuzestan province

     Dariush Zalaghi, Mohamad Aghapour Sabaghi

 15- Eigenvalue assignment in state feedback control for uncertain systems

      Rahimi, A. Naserpour, S. M. Karbassi

16- Comparative study of will and inheritance in low of Iran and Shafi’i jurisprudence

     Esmat Simi

17- Evaluation of Obama’s government’s strategy in fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan

     Abolghasem Taheri, Aziz Abbasi Dehbokri

 18- Introducing Seyed-ol-Hokama and his manuscript works on

     Nahidsadat Pezeshki

19- An investigation of Adlerian psychoanalytic feminism in a Doll’s House

     Razieh Eslamie, Hanieh Mazandarani

20- Study of private property expropriation for public interest in Iran’s legal system

     Farzin Nami, Mehdi Hatami

21- Examine the role of developing strategies to expand insurance on social entrepreneurship

     Ehsan Dogani, Dr. Abbas Talebbeydokhti

22- Predicting demand of electronic banking services in Iran using ARIMA method

     Mohammad Metanat

23- The impact of corporate governance on earnings quality

     Ali Arabborzoo, Saeedeh Rashidpuran, Alireza Arabi

24- The relationship between performance on the midterm and earnings management of listed companies in Tehran stock exchange

     Masoud Reyhani, Dr. Abbas Talebbeydokhti

25- Verify compliance sixth grade curriculum with the needs of students

     Dr. Syed Ahmed Hashmi, Anvar Bina

26- Cost of capital the measure to predict future returns on equity

     Azita Jahanshad, Maryam Amanzadeh-e-Oghaz

27- Effect of twelve weeks aerobic training on selected molecules 1 TNF-A, CRP, ICAM-1, VCAM-1 Type 2 diabetes in middle-aged women

     Hamideh Moamen Kahkha, Raziyeh Nasrabadi, Mohsen Nuraeinjar

28- Development of two intelligence-based scenarios for prediction of future natural gas consumption

     Halle Bakhteeyar, Abbas Maleki

29- Check the ratings of the attractiveness of the target markets for banking products and services (Case Study: Tejarat Bank of Shiraz)

     Zahra Attarzade, Mohammad Metaanat

30- Evaluate the effectiveness of communication image (IMA Gotrapy) on marriage, couples counseling center of Isfahan Township in 2013-2014

     Narges Abdolvand, Dr. Najme Sedrposhan, Dr. Mohammad Masoud Dayarian

31- Review organizational silence factors

     Akram Akbarian, Mohammad Esmail Ansari, Ali Shaemi, Narges Keshtiaray

32- Study of multiple relation of personality characteristics with financial – behavioral knowledge components in principals of primary schools of the Isfahan city

     Lalleh Khadem-Mellat, Fleur Kahyatan

33- Study the relationship between spiritual intelligence and emotion intelligence with the quality of work life Izeh principals

     Hassan Sadeghi, Alireza Zamani, Ali Norouzpur Mamasani

34- Study is to flare the latent energy in the personnel of general Department of cooperation, work and social (GDCWSW) welfare of Chahrmahal and Bakhtiari (ChandB), Iran by the managers and effective factors on it and also…

     Mahmoud Jalali, Alireza Shirvani

35- Modeling the effectiveness of electric energy quality of knowledge management strategy by the systematic approach

     Abdullah Tabrizy, Mojdeh Ghasemi, Noushin Sadeghi Niaraki, Mojdeh Ghasemi

36- Evaluate the effectiveness of parent behavioral training on reducing aggression verbal in preschool children in Esfahan, 2013-2014

     Akram Moladoust, Dr. Yousef Gorji, Dr. Farzaneh Niknejadi

37- The relationship between the capital structure and the performance of the firms listed in the Tehran stock exchange

     Sirvan Mahmudi, Hojjat Mohammadi

38- Numerical simulation of deposition behind the regulatory dam of Dez through application of the 2D software of CCH2D

     Ali Afrous, Reza Hajisharafi, Yousef Ghateazadeh

39- The relationship between religious attitudes of managers and their organizational commitment and creativity in Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

     Farideh Khandani Zadeh, Hamdolah Manzari Tavakoli

40- General survey on trade of great Khorassan in Sasanian era

     Abdolaziz Movahed, Maryam Barmaki

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